Public health

We fully understand all public health issues in hospital, health, food processing or any other professional risk prone environments. After thoroughly analysing the situation, our disinfection experts will recommend a suitable solution to efficiently treat the relevant surface: walls, treatment rooms or operating theatres, endoscopy units, medical equipment, surgical instruments, production lines for the food processing industry, catering sector, machines, tools, comfort stations, ambient air, hands…

Our comprehensive solutions not only implement good health practices but also recommend suitable products. To ensure that our solutions are as efficient as possible, our teams are trained to infection control techniques on the working site.

In partnership with our customers, all our operations lead to the development of a detailed protocol which aims at delivering the highest possible level of health protection.

We also provide the whole range of accessories and equipment required to implement a public health policy in accordance with international standards: disinfecting product, soap and tissue dispensers, hand dryers, sterilization devices…

Beyond regulatory requirements, disinfection of workspaces and public reception areas (for patients, customers, employees, etc.) is also one of the key marketing challenges to maintain your institution’s reputation. Insufficient infection risk management significantly affects your commercial interests. Nowadays, your customers and patients require complete health safety. Therefore, you should not neglect this aspect which they pay great attention to.

Our public health specialties :

– Medicine and allied health This sector gathers a wide range of activities: patient transportation (ambulances), home support, cardiology, health centre, beauty centre, nursery, day-care centre, dermatology, gastroenterology, general practice, gynaecology, physiotherapy, medical test laboratory, home hospital treatment, home care for disabled people, retirement home, occupational medicine, ophthalmology, ORL, osteopathy, pediatrics, respirology, podiatry, infant care, radiology, body tattooing and piercing, urology…

– Food processing industry The food processing industry includes the whole range of activities related to the processing of raw materials from agriculture, breeding and fishing into food products. Among others: meat industry (prepared meat products, slaughter…), dairy industry (milk processing, yogurt and cheese manufacturing…), sodas and alcohol industry, manufacturing of various food products (confectionery, grocery…).

– Hotel and restaurant industry Industry professionals may use our protocols to ensure full safety of their food preparations for their customers. Prevention of food borne diseases is a major public health issue and it calls on all the institutional and private actors around the globe. Whether you are a food-related professional (baker, pastry cook, butcher, cheese maker, caterer…) in charge of an independent commercial catering establishment or a manager in a national/international brand name of the industry, we are here to develop risk control customised protocols with you. We are also involved in group catering (companies and public services, hospital, schools, retirement homes…) and the hotel industry (tourist accommodation or social housing).

– Detergents for professionals Our solutions can meet your needs regardless of your business. Our detergents are highly concentrated and especially efficient against stubborn stains. They have outstanding properties of dirt confinement on your production lines and professional equipment. Note: our range of environmentally friendly detergents is suitable for daily use, for example for hand dishwashing.


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