About us


Rivale was created in 1998. Here are the areas which the company specialises in: formulation and distribution of plant protection products, public health and food processing. It is also involved in the construction field

The company is the French leader in agricultural development in emerging countries. It has a high impact in all developing regions of the globe: Asia, Africa as well as the Arab world.

Rivale is a true global entity and it has built its success on environmental responsibility in the emerging markets, environmental protection as well as training of the local farmers so they can optimally use the commercially available products and solutions.


Our core mission is to provide comprehensive and long lasting solutions to our customers. To do so, we transfer our know-how through on-site training and support.

Our highly specialised and experienced teams, our constant focus on customer satisfaction and our high quality products ensure an excellent service performance for our partners.

Our expertise of local agricultural and health issues significantly contributes to promote local development in the countries we operate in.


Our team includes experienced professionals who combine a thorough theoretical training with a valuable practical knowledge of the field. They are supported by independent consultants and run their projects cross-sectionally, flexibly and reactively.

Each of our business branches falls under the responsibility of a specialized manager who has full command of the various scientific, technical and commercial aspects.

High standard quality policy

In March 2012, Rivale was granted the 2008 version of the ISO 9001 standard. It was a reward for years of dedication to implementing a truly customer oriented quality management system.

In order to ensure full customer satisfaction, Rivale consistently contracts quality assurance agreements with all its partners. This innovative approach is supported by an outstanding customer service.

Quality is a constant priority for Rivale. The company has complete control over throughout the production and marketing cycle, from manufacture to delivery of the products to the end customer. “We do not only buy products from suppliers and sell them to customers. We