Our values

True corporate and environmental responsibility

CER is not just a catchphrase for Rivale! It is one of the company’s core values, which calls on all its employees and results in concrete measures. Rivale is a corporate citizen. It fulfils its corporate and environmental responsibility on a daily basis.

“For us, it is not only about marketing positioning. It is also a true moral commitment. We step in territories that are economically dynamic but also more fragile on a social point of view. On the other hand, our core business precisely consists in promoting products and services which have a direct impact on improving the use of natural resources”, says corporate manager Mehdi Merabti.

Rigorous product and material selection based on their safety (to health and environment), free training of farmers to rational production methods, funding of solidarity actions in favour of the poorest, planning of awareness campaigns regarding health risks, inviting local partners to educational conferences…

Cultural diversity: a major asset!

Rivale’s employees come from all over the world and the company is therefore an example of entrepreneurial diversity. This distinctive feature gives us a critical competitive edge in daily management, foreign market assessment and customer loyalty development!

Whether it is about negotiating the terms of a contract in Chinese, approaching a corporate customer in Dubai, controlling a distribution network in Algeria, finding a supplier in India or prospecting in Dakar… Rivale knows how to do it all!

This SME knows how to make the most of its valuable assets which are business development acceleration, foreign language command and understanding of the local cultures.